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Montessori education is a flow experience; it builds on the continuing self-construction of the child for the duration of the programme. It is based on Maria Montessori’s Theory of the Four Planes of Development, where the successive levels of education conform to the successive personalities of the child. PAAR offers three courses to cater to the needs of the child in different stages, the last two being a combination course.

The Montessori Teacher Training is imparted at Chennai Institute of Advanced Studies (CIAS) for Montessori Studies in a very systematic manner, utilizing all the materials required for it. The students are given ample opportunity to observe the classes at work and to develop their skill of objective observation. Advisor groups are created to support the trainees on an individual level. Creation of materials for various subjects such as botany, zoology, geography and geometry is insisted on, so that the student teachers get some idea of how to create materials for any area. Field trips are organized and a few resource persons are invited to give lectures for them. Since the course details are liable to change we suggest you to contact us for further information.

Infant training for children between 0 – 3 years

Preprimary – cum – primary course for children of 3 – 9 year

Primary Montessori teacher training: For those who have obtained a pre-primary teacher training from a reputed Montessori Institution, Chennai Institute of Advanced Studies (CIAS) offers a primary training of 5 months.

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